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11+ Entrance Exams

We provided a training service for 11+ grammar school entrance exams for Verbal reasoning, Non verbal reasoning,

English and Math.

Our experts in 11+ entrance exams, can assist and guide you on finding the relevant information you require.

We will create a learning plan giving your child plenty of time to study the relevant topics, and practice papers prior to their exams.

Grammar schools vary with their entrance requirements, so you would need to check which areas your child would be tested on. In many cases the school or local education authority will set the questions themselves, but the exams can also be set by the NFER (National Foundation For Educational Research).


How do I select a Grammar school for my child?

Research the schools that meet your criteria and you meet their catchment area requirements and select the ones you wish to apply for.

Who should I contact for further information on the Grammar school entrance process?

1) Contact the school directly and ask them to send you information on their entrance policy.

2) You can contact your local authority for information

When should I start preparing my child for 11+ Entrance exams?

It's never too early to get them started with the idea of sitting down to do work and building their reading, writing and Maths skills, but we would suggest year 4 would be a great time to introduce them to 11+ material; this way they have ample time to prepare and be confident on the day.

What preparation material do I need?

Depending on the Grammar school you are applying for and their exam procedures, their is ample free and paid for material online as well as books you can purchase to help. If you are not sure, please give us a call, 07907 822 214, we are happy to assist you, our expert 11+ coaches are happy to guide you.

Can I teach my child the 11+ course?

Depending on your level of knowledge and understanding, Yes! You can teach the 11+ course yourself, however we would recommend getting some assistance, as it can be stressful for the student and yourself trying to cover the vast quantity of information. We can ease the pressure of you by taking some of the stress away, PHTS coaches are happy to assist with as much or as little as you like.

How long should I get an 11+ coach for?

11+ preparation truly depends on the student and the time they allocate at home revising the techniques. Some of the 11+ material is new to them and would not be taught at school; we would suggest starting early as possible, but at least a minimum of 12 months prior to their entrance exam.

Do all Grammar schools have the same content in their exams?

No. Different schools cover different material depending on who is setting their exams. It is important to confirm this information prior to starting the 11+ preparation. If you are not sure please give us a call, we are happy to help.

How are 11+ Entrance exams different from SATS?

The entrance exams are different from SATS as they cover advance content in Maths and English, challenging the student's knowledge and understanding; the exams also include Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning papers which is not required for SATS.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch - 07907 822 214 or [email protected]